It's no surprise that the travel industry has taken a HUGE hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're talking BILLIONS of dollars worldwide! The global economy is feeling the impact of the lack of tourism, so much so that many places are willing to cover travel costs to increase tourism and stabilize their economies. Considering taking a trip after the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some destinations you should consider traveling to in order to get a sweet deal. Come along for the ride!

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The Japanese government is working on various travel deals for international tourists to take advantage of after the COVID-19 pandemic. We're talking discounted airfare. For many, flights are the most mostly part of a vacation to Japan. This deal would help people save money that could then be used in Japan to help rebuild the economy (

Cancun, Mexico

Always wanted to visit Cancun? Now you can -- and you can save money while you're at it! Called the "Come to Cancun 2x1 Campaign," this plan to garner international tourists gives guests a free night for every two nights booked. Buy two, get one free (!

Sicily, Italy

Ever wanted to enjoy authentic pasta and fresh Italian wine? Well, now you can do just that on a budget! Through a voucher system, Sicily hopes to bring tourists back by covering 50% of their airfare and "every third night" of their hotel stay (The Washington Post). Get ready for the Italian vacation of your dreams!

Honorable Mentions

United Kingdom

Are you a citizen of the UK? You'll be able to take advantage of travel deals within the United Kingdom to encourage "staycations." Currently, the #eatouttohelpout campaign is in full swing to help support local restaurants. You can enjoy half off "food and non-alcoholic drinks" Monday through Wednesday during the month of August. More details here on their Story.


Thinking of going on a Mediterranean vacation, but not in Italy? Cyprus might be the budget vacation for you post-pandemic! Well... maybe not. Yeah, you probably won't want this deal. Cyprus has pledged to cover costs of your holiday IF... you test positive for COVID-19. Yikes! Like I said, you probably won't want this deal ( But hey, should you visit and contract the virus... now you know. Just keep in mind that non-essential travel during the pandemic is not recommended!


Remember, the sooner you pop on that mask and maintain social distancing, the sooner you'll be able to explore the world and return to normal! It's up to everyone to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Wishing you all good health and safety. Thanks for coming along for the ride. x

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